Here’s what our former clients have to say about Meridian Test Prep

  • “The main reason I chose Patrick was his experience. Yes, his 790 result is extraordinary, but because of his experience in helping – literally – hundreds of students, he was also talented in pinpointing and resolving my weaknesses in exam strategy (timing & nerves) as well as subject areas (number properties). Without this insight, I doubt I would’ve achieved my 740 score.”

    – Charlotte, 740

  • “Patrick teaches the GMAT in a seamless way, making everything simple to understand.(…) Things that I found difficult beforehand became easy and logical. Patrick doesn’t just tell you how to get the answer, he explains each step and gives you confidence. Patrick is always available for questions and extremely patient and nice! It was truly thanks to Patrick that I exceeded my score expectations and I strongly recommend him if you want to achieve a great score at this test!”

    – Elise, 700

  • “Patrick was great! I was introduced to him through a friend and I’ve been thanking her ever since! In my first practice GMAT I got 510 and in the exam after few months with Patrick I got 710! Highly recommended!”

    – Gal, 710

  • “I was very lucky to have Patrick as a tutor when I was preparing for the GMAT. Instead of relying on formulaic or repetitive teaching methods, he took the time to get to know me and to understand my strengths and points of improvement. He gave me the tools I needed to develop and exercise my abilities, from calculus techniques to breathing and meditation exercises. To this day, I often reach out for those things in my day to day. Perhaps most importantly, Patrick made the experience a very fun one thanks to his patience, sympathy and cracking sense of humour. Our work together was instrumental in building up my skills and confidence, which was eventually reflected in my grades.”

    – Maria, 700

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