3-Dimensional Solids on Graph Paper

We offer flexible payment plans to suit your needs. Pay by the hour or purchase a 20 hour bloc for a 10% discount!

At Meridian, we place the focus on you as an individual and will strive to ensure you get the support you need to excel. Choose in-person tuition or distance learning – whatever suits your needs!

In-Person: £65/hour

Our tutor will meet with you anywhere within zone 1, scheduling permitting. Most often, students prefer to meet at a central location but we are always willing to adjust the venue as necessary.

Distance Learning: £60/hour

Sometimes, students find it most convenient to meet online – especially those who have put in a full day at the office! As long as you have access to a computer with Skype or WhatsApp, you can skip the commute and get straight to the learning.

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